In this issues: NAFSA regionals, Travel Video Contest, Health and Safety, School the World Guatemala and more!

International Education News

The new school year is in full swing, and we’re getting ready to hit the road as conference season kicks in. Along with many of the regional NAFSA conferences where we’ll be presenting and exhibiting, we’ll also be at WYSTC, CSIET, the Alliance for International Exchange, ICEF Berlin and others this Fall - the full list is at the bottom of the newsletter. We’d love to connect anywhere our paths cross! Also in this issue:

  • Launch of the 14th Annual Travel Video Contest
  • Announcing the Envisage School the World Team 2020
  • Highlight several awesome new landing pages on ISI
  • GDPR Enforcements begin in earnest

Enjoy the newsletter!

Keith Clausen
For the Envisage International Team

NAFSA Regional Session Preview

The International Student Insurance team and team combined will have 15 presentations between 11 regional conferences during the months of October and November. Here’s a sneak peek of each session topic:

International Student Insurance:
The Impact of Pervasive Technology on the Emotional Wellness of International Students
With smartphones in the hands of most international students, the addiction to “being connected” is becoming more and more prevalent. This session is going to explore the impact on emotional wellness of our international students as technology, smartphones, gaming, and social media plays an ever-important role in these students’ lives.
How to Effectively Use Email Marketing in Your Recruitment Strategy
In this session, we will cover when and how to email prospective students, including the key parts of an email that can make or break its success. We will provide examples of real emails that have had high engagement rates, tips to get an email marketing series in place, and ways to evaluate and improve your current email marketing plan. Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter, and attendees will leave this session with insight on how to make it work for their institution.

Travel Video Contest

We are thrilled to announce that our annual Travel Video Contest is now open for submissions for the 2019 season! This year, students have the opportunity to win 1 of 5 unique prizes, including the $4,000 Grand Prize. All current international and study abroad students are eligible to enter by telling us about any trip they want to take; if not currently studying internationally, students can still enter but their video must describe their proposed international education plan.

This year’s prizes consist of:

  • First Place Winner: $4,000
  • Second Place Winner: $500
  • Third Place Winner: $250
  • GoAbroad Choice Winner: $500
  • Viewers’ Choice Award Winner: $1,000

Students can submit their videos made specifically for the 2019 Travel Video Contest through October 15th, 2019. The winners will be announced on the last day of International Education Week: November 22, 2019.

If you would like to share this contest on your campus, you’re able to download the official TVC 2019 poster or simply direct students to the contest page.

Health and Safety Abroad

Check out our new Health and Safety Abroad page that is designed for students studying abroad. This interactive and engaging page helps students to prepare for their trip, including what they need to bring, what to expect on the flight, papers they may need to show to the immigration officer and what they can do to ease the adjustment. Students can also get tips on how to stay healthy and safe, and we will connect them with meaningful resources.

Insurance Explained →

We’re Joining School the World for the Third Year

If you’ve followed our service initiatives with School the World, you know that the past two years we have been dedicated to not only raising and contributing thousands to bring access to quality education within Guatemala, but we have put our own blood, sweat, and tears into building two schools and playgrounds. For the third year, Envisage International has partnered with School the World to continue this effort in Central America.

In March 2020 five members of our team will head back to Guatemala to build a third school and establish other groundwork needed to help change lives through education. Envisage International will donate the hard costs plus half of the per person funds necessary to make this project possible, and team members will raise the other half of the required $3,500 per person. The 2020 EIC School the World team has been selected and are gearing up to begin their fundraising efforts. Meet this amazing, committed team:

Dana Luther

Nathan Stetter

Ashley Zahradnick

Natalie Holland

Eric Bloodworth

GDPR Enforcements Begin

It seems like a long distant memory that we were all rushing around trying to make sure we were compliant for GDPR, but it has just been over a year since the regulations took effect. Since then, agencies across Europe have slowly been getting things together and issuing fines and enforcement orders. While there is a clear framework within the EU, it is still unclear how this will be regulated outside of the EU.

You can read a little more in-depth about how GDPR enforcement has affected the EU along with the rest of the world on the EIC blog: 2019, The Year That GDPR Enforcement Began.

Upcoming Conferences

Conference Dates Location
URMIA Sep. 16-19 Boston, MA
Cascadia PHP Sep. 19-21 Portland, OR
WYSTC Oct. 8-11 Lisbon, Portugal
ICEF Asia Oct. 16-18 Beijing, China
PHP[world] Oct. 23-24 Washington, DC
Alliance Oct. 24-25 Washington, DC
ICEF Berlin Nov. 3-5 Berlin, Germany
CSIET Nov. 6-8 Orlando, FL
ICEF Miami Dec. 9-11 Miami, FL
NAFSA Regionals    
Region II Oct. 15-17 Cheyenne, WY
Region IV Oct. 20-24 Fargo, ND
Region VI Oct. 25-29 Indianapolis, IN
Region X Oct. 27-31 Lake George, NY
Region XI Oct. 28-31 Worcester, MA
Region III Nov. 3-6 Addison, TX
Region V Nov. 4-7 Milwaukee, WI
Region I Nov. 4-8 Tacoma, WA
Region XII Nov. 5-9 Pasadena, CA
Region VIII Nov. 11-15 Baltimore, MD
Region VII Nov. 15-20 Orlando, FL
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