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As the end of 2019 fast approaches, it’s time for us to look back at our predictions from the beginning of the year and see how we did. We try to stick to topics we know something about - international education, digital marketing, tech, and international student support - and although we got some wins, sometimes the results seem to show we don’t know as much as we think!

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Keith Clausen
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2019 Prediction Revisited

Prediction: Historic Decline in International Student Enrollment in the US

There’s no hiding that we got this wrong. We can’t say, the incoming class of international students shrunk for the third year in a row, and but for the increasing popularity of OPT... Read more >>>

Prediction: Efforts to Encourage Diversity in Study Abroad Will Ramp Up

This one is a win. Along with the latest IIE Open Doors report reflecting that diversity remains on the incline within study abroad, we have seen a continued... Read more >>>

Prediction: More Turmoil and Adaptation Within the For-Profit Sector

Correct. Like years in the past 2019 also brought on tribulations and changes within the world of for-profits. There have been numerous for-profit schools this... Read more >>>

Prediction: Big Tech Will Make a Move to Disrupt the Healthcare Market

Wrong. 2019 was not the year that big technology companies moved in to disrupt the healthcare market. Examples of large tech companies moving... Read more >>>

Prediction: Pathway Programs Take a Breath

Wrong. With the flexibility and economical impact of pathway programs, they have not yet slowed down. During the past year we have seen a continued increase in students wanting to... Read more >>>

Prediction: Enrollment From China Declines

We missed this one as well, as the continuing trend did not go as far as we predicted. Growth in enrollment from China has been slowing since the giant spikes began... Read more >>>

Prediction: GDPR Enforcement Begins in Earnest

Correct. GDPR enforcements certainly gathered pace in 2019, and we expect that to continue into 2020. As we outlined in our September blog post, a range of enforcements came... Read more >>>

Prediction: Decline in Reports of Sexual Assaults on College Campuses

Wrong. While sexual assault on college campuses has been a hot topic for schools around the world, we had originally thought that the number of reported sexual assaults would... Read more >>>

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