Questions to Ask When Considering Online Marketing for Your School

If you want to reach international students, you need to be able to be found when and where they are looking for you.  Are they looking for you in the newspaper?  Maybe.  Are they looking for you on TV?  Possibly.  Are they attending a virtual fair?  Who knows?  What we do know, is they are looking for you where they have grown up, on the internet.

There are a lot of companies out there that can help you market your school to their online audience of international students.  Some do it better than others.  So how do you figure out the best bang for your hard to come by marketing dollars?  Here are a couple of questions to ask to protect your budget:

  • What kind of traffic does your site receive?  You want to know how many page views, visitors and unique visitors at minimum.
  • What countries does your traffic come from?   Make sure the countries align with your marketing and recruiting strategy.
  • How does someone find your site?  Do you pay for the traffic, or is it organic?  You will get better results if they answer “organic”.
  • How will you market my school over the term of our agreement?  You need to avoid the “put me up and forget about me until it’s time for renewal”.
  • Do you do social media marketing?  If they say no, please remind them it is 2011.
  • Why do international students use your website?  Do they use it over the lifespan of their international education?  Are they going to see you the one time they use the site, or will they come back over and over.
  • Do I want to associate my school with the content on this web site and the other advertisers they are marketing?
  • Do you have the ability to Geo-target my ads to the countries I am interested in?
  • How do you track results and what type of reporting do you provide?

An online strategy should be an integral part of your international marketing and recruiting plan.  Choosing the right websites to promote your school is key to protecting your marketing pocket book.  What other questions would you ask or have you asked when finding the right online solution for your school?

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