18th January 2013 – Envisage Pick of the Week


Its been a busy week, as are most weeks at Envisage, with a short trip up to New York City to visit some of our new clients for a few of us. That, along with the continued construction to expand our current office space and all the great things we are implementing in 2013 as we posted about in our Key Initiatives posting, the year is already flying by!

This week, one of the major stories that came out was not actually from the world of international education, but one that I think could have a profound impact on schools and organizations:

Facebook Announces Graph Search

Launched this week, Facebook introduced to the world their “Graph Search”, which is essentially their version of google for Facebook. This is certainly a feature that most would have expected probably 5 years ago from them, but better late than never to the search party! Although still in beta, the new search function could open up a whole world of possibilities for international educators to really tap into the billions of Facebook users. For example, instead of students going to google to search for schools – the new graph search will allow students to search for schools but also see if their friends or friends of friends either go to that school or recommend them. Google has tried to do this with Google+, but with the size and adoption of Facebook – it could open up much better conversions for educators and organizations than fan pages. Watch this space!

British Colombia Launches New International Student Portal

Learn Live BC, the international student portal for the Canadian province of British Colombia has just unveiled a new look and update to their site. As part of a strategy launched back in May 2012, the province is aiming to attract more international students over the coming years, citing the impact this will have on the local economy. As we reported last week, Canada is going to be pushing hard to attract more international students, with better working rules for students to allow them to work longer hours and fund their education – we may see growth to Canada increasing.

The China Conundrum: a Student Perspective

There has been much talk over the last few years about the increase in the number of Chinese students at American institutions. Is this good for the schools to overload with students from one particular country? What will the impact be on the other international students? Much has been written about this, but this week there was an interesting article from a Chinese student, Yeran Zhou, offering up their viewpoint and perspective – it has also created some interesting debate in the comments of the article, so well worth a read.

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