Envisage Pick of the Week – March 22nd 2013

pick-of-the-weekAfter a very busy week in Rome last week, I am back in the hot seat for our weekly pick of the week. The conference was an excellent event, however it is with great sadness that we discovered the devastating news of the passing of Dan Burnet from VisitOz after an accident at the event. Our hearts and thoughts go out to the Burnet family at this difficult time. The WYSE Travel Confederation are in the process of setting up a memorial fund, more information can be found about that on their website if you would like to donate.

Looking at back at the week in international education, the focus this week is on Russia – not one of the first countries you might think of as an international education hub, but that could all change in the future.

Russia Kicks off plans for World-Class Universities

Announced earlier this year, Russia is making a bid to improve its image and reputation abroad with an ambitious plan to boost the countries universities, with an initial injection of $270 million dollars into 15 universities with special state grants. The money will be earmarked to upgrade management teams and create conditions that would be conducive to attracting international students and top academics from around the world. The process of selecting the top 15 schools is currently ongoing and expected to draw to a close in this quarter with an announcement due shortly after selecting those schools.

Reducing Your Website Bounce Rate in Higher Education

For those in the search engine optimization world, there have been a lot of changes over the last 12 months with how sites appear and list in Google. One of the leading factors that appears to be important now is social, not just social media sites – but how people interact with your website. Do they come in and bounce right out again because the site is not what they want? This metric is something Google measures, and could be using more in the future to determine where your website lists. This excellent post from Higher Education Marketing lists out some key areas you can concentrate on to improve your bounce rates, a good read even if you are not that technically savvy.

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