Envisage International – Financial Aid Presentations at 2013 NAFSA Regionals

nafsa-300x156Our Financial Aid team is preparing to travel to make presentations at the 2013 NAFSA regionals this year. The topic, dates and presenters for each financial aid presentation are below. We hope to see you in one of the regions across the US!

Financial Aid

Title: Shaking the Money Tree: Making the Most of Financial Resources for International Students

Description: Financing an international education can be extremely difficult for all but the most well-off students. What can a school do to help guide international students along a path of financial stability throughout their education? This session will look at a variety of steps for schools to help their international students manage their financial life throughout their education timeline, from the initial interaction with the student through pre-arrival, post-arrival and throughout their time in the US.

NAFSA Region II – Bozeman, Montana – October 24th @ 3:45 –Room TBD
Presenters: Jennifer Frankel (Envisage International), Caitlin Kelley (Kansas State University) & Amanda Enriquez (Northwest College)

NAFSA Region III – Rogers, Arkansas – October 24th @ 10:45 in Salon C
Presenters: Annemarie Estrada (Envisage International) & Natalie Rigby (Louisiana State University)

NAFSA Region IV – Rapid City, South Dakota – November 6th @ 1:45 in Salon C
Presenters: Apinant Hoontrakul (Envisage International), Kevin McMahan (Northwestern College) & Mililani Hayselden (Park University)

NAFSA Region V & VI – Indianapolis, Indiana – November 5th @ 8:15 in the Marriott 3 Room
Presenters: Jennifer Frankel, Carrie Circosta (Kent State University), Dawn Nasser (Danville Area Community College) & Jonnathan De La Fuente (University of Michigan-Flint )

NAFSA Region VIII – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 15th @10:45 – Room TBD
Presenters: Jenny Frankel, Keisha Che’re Jimmerson (Seton Hill University) & Rebecca Lee (Point Park University)

NAFSA Region X – Atlantic City, New Jersey – October 30th 10:30 in the Directors room
Presenters: Jennifer Frankel & Ruth Kamona (CUNY)

– San Diego, California – November 7th @ 3:30pm in the Pacific Salon5
Presenters: Keith Clausen (Envisage International) & Raeann Nunez (Gateway Community College)

If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with us at one of the NAFSA regional conferences or want a copy of our presentation, email or tweet us at @EnvisageIntl and we will be happy to either get on your calendar or share the presentation with you. Click here to see our full NAFSA conference schedule and the regions our insurance and digital marketing teams will be attending. Are you attending NAFSA regionals this year?

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