Five Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your School’s Featured Profile on

Getting the most out of your school's featured profile is a free resource for students to use to get valuable information about studying outside of their home countries. Hundreds of thousands of students use the site every month as a resource to guide them down the path of international education. We have found that the main service students are turning to on the site, is our USA School Search that allows students to find the best fitting school that matches their educational goals. This service is not only free to students, but all US based colleges and universities that can accept international students have a profile on the site and are integrated into the USA School Search. To see how you can maximize your school’s free profile, see our blog on the topic from December.

Many schools choose to upgrade to a Featured School, to maximize their reach and visibility. Every student that visits a school’s featured profile, has the ability to submit their contact information directly to the school so that the school can contact them directly. The more visitors to the profile means more student inquiries that lead to enrollments.

Here are five tips to getting the most out of your school’s featured profile on

1. Content is KING! The latest Featured School profiles allow our schools to integrate the content that they have developed. This content includes videos, profiles, programs and their benefits, what it is like to study at a particular school, and more. The profiles are a vehicle for our school partners to have a new vehicle to distribute their content to a very large audience that they would not be able to reach on their website alone.

2. Student Profiles Rock! We have found that the students that are using our site and visit the schools profiles love to read about international students, like them, that are studying at a particular institution and having success. Our profiles allow for multiple student profiles, so make sure to include them.

3. Videos Tell a Compelling Story. You have them for recruiting and they already exist on your website. Use your profile to distribute your video content and tell your story. Keep them short though, students are not inclined to watch ten or twenty minute videos about your school.

4: List All of Your Programs. Make sure you list all of your programs. That way when students are using the USA School Search then they will make sure to find your school’s profile. Remember, your school will also be “featured” so appearing much higher in the search results page.

5: Follow up Early and Often. Make sure that when a student takes the time to send you their personal information through the inquiry form on your profile that you follow up as soon as possible. Anything longer than 24 hours is too long. Also make sure you have a communications plan in place to continue to follow up with them on an ongoing basis. Not every student will respond to your first email or phone call.

These five tips to getting the most out of your school’s featured profile on should help you maximize your exposure on the site and ensure a solid ROI on your marketing dollars.

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