5 Reasons to Hire an Online Marketing Company to Help Reach and Recruit International Students

You have an in depth website, are active Facebook & Twitter. Your campus videos are uploaded to your school’s YouTube channel and you are getting into Google+. So why would you hire and online marketing company to help reach and recruit international students? Here are five reasons to hire an online marketing company to help reach and recruit international students.

1. Reach – How many students find your website or engage with you via your social media channels? Clearly those that are searching for it. But what about those that are not specifically looking for you, and maybe what you offer? By partnering with third party online marketing companies, you can expand your reach, brand and messaging to an audience much larger than you can reach on your own.

2. SEO – Online marketing companies, at least the good ones, know an awful lot about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. A simple explanation of SEO, is the behind the scenes things that webmasters and web developers do to ensure a site can be found on search engines like Google. So if you partner with the right online marketing company and by listing your programs on their site, you will expand your reach significantly and more students will find out about your school and programs. You will benefit from their SEO efforts.

Take the example below. If you offer business programs and want to attract international students how are they going to find you? They do a simple Google search. If you search for, “Study business in the US”, our site InternationalStudent.com is ranked first in the free or organic listings. This is due to our SEO efforts. Notice there are not any schools listed other than through paid search.

Google Search Result

3. Expertise – In addition to SEO expertise, online marketing companies are good at many other things aspects of marketing. They will look at things such as traffic and how to increase it, time spent on each page, what the visitors are doing on the site, what do they want to do, how many are engaging with our sites and how many are converting to leads? They optimize everything from what the users sees to the forms on the school landing pages to make sure they convert. In addition to their own website or sites, they should have an email marketing team, that looks at many of the same things listed above, such as open rate, clicks and conversions all to maximize the campaign.

4. International – Another reason to hire an online marketing company is that domestic marketing or marketing to US students can be much different that marketing your school to international students across the globe. With different customs, languages, social media platforms, search engines, getting your message across and have it relate to an international student can be difficult to accomplish by trying it alone. When looking at an online marketing partner, make sure they have experience marketing to the parts of the globe where you are interested in reaching students.

5. Time and resources – Are you busy now? Can you handle all the online marketing efforts on your own in addition to everything else you have on your plate? By outsourcing or hiring a professional marketing company can be a cost-effective way to offload some of your duties. It will allow you to focus your team on what they are good at, whether that is managing agent relationships or traveling abroad to fairs, you will know your online marketing plan is in place and working without having to dedicate full time resources to it.

Have you considered working with a third party online marketing company?

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