Bringing our Blogs to Life – New Video Series

I recently got evicted from my office. The last time that happened… Well, never mind. This time is different. I was evicted from my office because we transformed it into a video recording studio. We are now able to produce high quality white board presentations, hangouts and videos all from the comfort of my old office. We are now going to bring our blogs to life, starting with a new video series tailored towards the best practices for managing student inquiries.

Envisage International's Studio

Envisage International’s Studio

Our new video series will start next week with our first in the series, “Best Practices for Managing Student Inquiries.” It will be followed by “Timely Follow up is a Must” and “Putting Together and Effective Communications Plan.” These videos will be tailored to our current Featured School partners that we are generating inquiries for through their Featured School profiles on They will also benefit anyone that is currently receiving student inquiries from their own efforts or through third parties, like us.

The new video series is part of our new initiative to assign a dedicated account consultant to all of our Featured School partners. The account consultant is to act as a resource to ensure the success of each campaign, from developing effective marketing via our online resources, generating quality student inquiries, and nurturing those leads into enrollments. We believe that the success stories of our partner schools can help other schools be successful. This is what we are hoping to accomplish with our new video series.

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