Envisage International Lands in Guatemala

Envisage International is spending one week in Guatemala building an elementary school in the community of Patzalam Choacaman through School the World. We’ve partnered with IvyWise and Flywire for a combined total of 21 volunteers. Read on to hear our story unfold as a school is built.

Day 1: We made it to Guatemala! Yesterday each member of the 2018 School the World Envisage International team arrived in Guatemala City, and after smooth flights we were received at the airport by Natalie and Anna from School the World who prepared us for the two-hour drive into Antigua with plenty of snacks. After what seemed like a 15-minute drive we arrived for an evening of exploration.

As we navigated our way through the cobblestoned streets of Antigua we were greeted by a plethora of kind smiles from locals, and vendors with colorful and tasty goods. As the sun started to set we met up with the volunteers from Flywire and IvyWise for dinner. Delicious local cuisine and great company was just the start of the evening. Having arrived on a Sunday during Lenten we were able to witness a truly spectacular procession from a bird’s eye view in our restaurant of the evening. The open balcony door replaced smells of rice, beans and chicken with ceremonial incense. Atop a sea of purple cucuruchos sat intricately adorned floats all in celebration of Lenten. It was a unique opportunity to watch this beautiful tradition before starting a week of hard work.

As the procession wound down so did we. We retired for the evening to prepare for our journey into Santa Cruz del Quiche the next morning to finally meet the community of Patzalam Choacaman. Keep updated on our journey this week through our blog as the real work begins and we start putting hammer to nail to build a school.

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