EIC Makes Progress in Guatemala on Day Three

Envisage International is spending one week in Guatemala building an elementary school in the community of Patzalam Choacaman through School the World. We’ve partnered with IvyWise and Flywire for a combined total of 21 volunteers. Read on to hear our story unfold as a school is built.

Day 3: As soon as we arrived at the community yesterday morning our vans were swarmed by the excited children in the community- they were thrilled by our return. They greeted us with big smiles as they read each of our names from our new nametags. We were just as excited to see them and we all walked down the hill to the school site together, some of us hand in hand.

As the children started school we put on our gloves and got to work. It was our first full day of labor and progress was already being made! Most of the day was spent mixing concrete, and after hours of shoveling, mixing, and carrying buckets full of the grey sludge, half of the school had a floor.

Everyone put in many hours of hard work, but also had plenty of time to play with the children. During their recess we handed out small toys like bubbles, jump ropes, Frisbees and soccer balls and we all played the entire time until they were called back into class. Throughout the day we received numerous gifts from the children like small notes, drawings and hand-made yarn bracelets that they each tied onto our wrists.

At lunch we took a break to enjoy sandwiches and chips that we packed earlier in the day then jumped right back into work and started painting. We each grabbed rollers and brushes and coated the concrete brick walls with a pale-yellow paint. After two coats the walls seemed eager for children to fill the room.

Exhausted, covered in concreate and paint, and feeling accomplished, we headed home for the evening and made a well-deserved stop for ice cream along the way.

Keep updated on our progress each day as we share with you through our blog and on social media. Track our journey on Facebook and Twitter by searching #EICSchoolTheWorld2018 and #EnviFlyWiseSTW.

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