International Student Insurance Welcomes Elaine Del Rossi

International Student Insurance (ISI) is pleased to welcome Elaine Del Rossi as the new Managing Director of Healthcare Solutions.

Prior to coming to ISI, Ms. Del Rossi served as Chief Sales/Client Experience Officer at GeoBlue, formerly known as HTH Worldwide. While at GeoBlue, she oversaw sales, customer service, global health and safety, and transformed their student group division into a $80 million entity.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the international student and study abroad insurance space, she brings to ISI both experience and expertise, and will work to continue to expand ISI’s group insurance business.

Get to know Elaine Del Rossi

What brought you to International Student Insurance?
I was a VP for Human Resources and then VP for Corporate Large Group markets for many years. When an opportunity arose to work for a start-up company and establish a new insurance market for higher education clients, I jumped at the chance and have been delighted with that decision for rover 20 years.

How do you help schools find the right insurance product?
I have learned the best way to help clients-or anyone-is to actively listen. Clients typically know exactly what they need. They only require someone with broad market experience to articulate those specific requirements and then deliver the exact solutions.

What do you think are important considerations when choosing an insurance plan for their students?
First is to understand the risk tolerance of your organization and the particular needs of your student body.. Once you have a clear understanding of what those are and how they intersect; then design a program that best meets those requirements.

For more information, visit ISI’s press release:

If you are interested in a group insurance plan, or want to get in touch with Elaine Del Rossi, you can contact her at

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