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Don is the Direct of Sales at Envisage International. Don’s background includes selling media, television, sponsorships, internet advertising and social media marketing. After college, he spent 10 years at WeatherBug, the number two most visited weather destination on the web, where he worked his way up to Director of Sales. He is a graduate of Florida State University where he received his Bachelors of Science in Meteorology.

State of the Union in the For-Profit Industry

The new administration is in their first 100 days.  So, what is the State of the Union in the for-profit industry? Things are looking up for the beleaguered for-profit industry in 2017.  That is at least what Wall Street thinks. … Continue reading

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New Recommendations from NACAC on the Use of Commissioned Agents

In 2013 NACAC officially gave their member institutions the green light to add the use of agents to their recruiting arsenal.  However, at their 2016 meeting there were two new recommendations from NACAC on the use of commissioned agents. Those recommendations from … Continue reading

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US Based For-Profit Schools Continue to Look to International Markets for Growth

With growing regulation, continued scrutiny and shrinking revenue, US based for-profit schools look to international markets for growth.  In 2015, we saw the closing of Corinthian College.  This resulted in the closing 28 campuses and affecting over 16,000 students. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Effectively Market the Value of a Community College to International Students

Here in the USA, we all know the value of a community college.  But, how do you effectively market the value of a community college to international students who are not familiar with the benefits of getting an Associates Degree … Continue reading

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For-Profit Schools Turn to International as a way to Boost Falling Profits

As domestic enrollments decrease, increased government oversight and revenue falling, more for-profit schools turn to international as a way to boost falling profits.  Schools like DeVry, University of Phoenix, Walden University and others are targeting international students as a way … Continue reading

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How to Market your School on

  Envisage International is hosting a free Webinar on how to market you school on  The live Webinar is Thursday, January 22nd at 2:00 EST.  The recorded Webinar will also be available on our corporate site. During this Webinar … Continue reading

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Introducing International Student Hangouts for Schools

If you are like most schools that are looking to increase or diversify your international student population, you have looked at many different ways to reach and recruit them.  You have gotten up early, gotten on an airplane, literally flown … Continue reading

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Hangout with Hiram College – Results from a Google Hangout

On July 30th, 2014, held a Google Hangout with Hiram College. It was hosted by Victoria Troupe from International Student and featured Frank Bowman, the Director for International Recruiting at Hiram College and Jihyuk Yim (Estaban), an international student … Continue reading

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The Envisage International Video Series has Launched

As promised, the Envisage International video series has launched. Back in June, we blogged about a new video series that we would be starting in July that would be tailored towards best practices for schools that are marketing their institutions … Continue reading

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Bringing our Blogs to Life – New Video Series

I recently got evicted from my office. The last time that happened… Well, never mind. This time is different. I was evicted from my office because we transformed it into a video recording studio. We are now able to produce … Continue reading

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