International Financial Aid

Funding an education can be difficult for any student planning to study overseas. If you are an international educator, you know that resources can be limited for these students. That’s why Envisage International Corporation (EIC) has developed a network of sites designed to help you and your students find key resources that speak to these needs.

Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for Students Overseas

Student looking for financial help should first turn to scholarships and other awards that do not create or add to their debt. Scholarships, grants, and fellowships are a great way for students to do fund their education and we offer comprehensive resources for students and educators alike. Colleges, universities, and other organizations can list their awards for free and let their current and prospective students see what’s available on our scholarship network:

International Student Loans

If your students have maximized scholarships and other free awards but still need help, then international student loans can help bridge the gap. International, study abroad, and foreign enrolled students are eligible for our loans that will help cover their costs overseas.

EIC provides an International Student Loan Comparison Tool that will match your students to the loan best suited to their needs. Students input their citizenship and school, and they will be matched with lenders. Students can compare basic terms and conditions and select the loan that works for them. Our international student loans offer competitive rates, flexibility, and an online application that can be completed anywhere in the world. Our international student loan network includes:

International Financial Aid Resources

EIC have been a premier online resource for international financial aid since 1998. We aim to be the most comprehensive resources for International Educators - to help you assist students while studying at a college or university outside their home country. If you are looking for additional information or resources on International Financial Aid, check out our resource page.

Contact Jenny Frankel, Director of Financial Services, for more information.

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